304087_thumbTênis Adidas Shox丨Last week Adidas announced their first foray into the GPS device world with their Adidas Smart Run GPS watch. While this may be the first physical GPS unit for the company, they’ve actually been fairly involved in the sport tracking world for a bit now – with previous connected sensors such as footpods designed to go into your soccer cleats, as well as other speed sensors for running related activities.

image_thumb4Tênis Adidas Shox丨Following the announcement I spent time in a deep-dive discussion with the Adidas Smart Run team peeling away the layers of the device to get beyond the typical press releases. The discussion dove into every aspect of the device and we literally went through every single menu and button press – via conference in a device simulator. As a result, I’ve consolidated as much of that as possible into the below.


They’ll be sending me a device in roughly the next 7-10 days, ahead of release. Obviously, I won’t be able to put together an in-depth review in the matter of a day, but given the interest I’ll definitely fast-track it as quickly as possible towards a mid-November review release.




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